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  • miracles02
  • Illinois girl
    Was born and raised in Illinois. Hometown: Bartonville. High School: Limestone Community High School (79) Current Home: Canton, since 1990. Briefly lived in Oklahoma (1980-1986)...too conservative for me! ...
  • 57 years old | Canton, Illinois

  • bitsoflonely

  • Location, Location, Location I've lived here all my life. i don't know any place other than Illinois, but I love it and unlike many my age I don't have the desire to move to the big city. I love the rural side of Illinois with the quiet, the scent of fresh Earth, and being able to see someone you know whenever you go out. I love it. ...
  • 19 years old | Canton, Illinois

  • illinoisboy20
  • 20 years old | Canton, Illinois

  • solosinger123
  • 27 years old | Canton, Illinois

  • lunatra
  • 20 years old | United States, Canton